House TRAC* Home Watch Services

Services To Meet Your Needs

 House TRAC* is an Arizona LLC and provides home watch services for our neighbors with the assurance that someone is checking their homes and properties while they are away, often many, many miles away!   

* House TRACS

Daily, weekly or monthly home, business and property monitoring services customized to fit the unique needs of our clients. 

* After Care

Follow-up care after a security breach including break-ins, vandalism or damage from natural or man-made causes (storms/leaks, etc.).

* Customized Reporting

We use QRIDit systems to document inspections and report our findings to our clients. The system allows clients to review reports and messages.

* Consulting 

We are here to serve our neighbors and are willing to listen to your needs and do our very best to provide a custom service with the highest level of integrity and care. 

Why Choose House TRAC*?

 We Truly Care

Our clients are friends and neighbors and part of the community that we love. House TRAC* provides you with the assurance that your home and property are being monitored even when you're away..

We Are Here To Help

. . .When you leave (whether it's to return to a summer home or for business travel, vacation, or family emergencies), we are here to help.

We Serve With Integrity and Compassion

We promise to always serve to the best of our ability, with integrity and compassion. We are licensed, insured and bonded.

Regular Monitoring

 House TRAC* provides regular monitoring of residential and commercial  properties with services customized to fit the needs of our clients. Scheduled and documented inspections of your home, yard, business and/or property is part of our standard service.  

Key Holding Services & Post Storm Checks

 Worried someone might camp out in your home while you’re away? We provide 24/7 “key holding” services at no extra charge and report anything suspicious to local law enforcement.

We will make unscheduled storm TRAC inspections of our client's properties after a severe storm. Depending on the type service you choose, there may be an additional charge.

House TRAC* provides a professional and dependable contact in this community for you, our client, while you are away.   

QRIDit Reporting

 We use QRIDit Systems to document inspections and report our findings. Our clients receive an email update as soon as a report is posted. The email has a link to access a client page on the QRIDit site 24/7 to review, message or receive messages from House TRAC* and access current information as soon as it is posted.


Exterior Checks (Walk-arounds)

  • Interior Checks (Walk-throughs)
  • Follow-up care after security breaches, such as vandalism and break-ins, or damage from wind and rain. etc.
  • Key holding service and local emergency contact for our clients.
  • Alarm reset - alarm company contact.
  • Photo documentation for insurance or other needs.


 Have you just purchased a home and now you need to leave?

Before you head out and leave your Yuma home unattended, please contact us. Our free consultation will provide you with important information, whether or not you select House TRAC* or opt for any home watch service.

Give us a call at 928.920.9710
to schedule a consultation.


Your home and property are unique and so are your House TRAC service needs. By scheduling a consultation, you have the opportunity to:

  • Review our services
  • Describe your specific needs
  • Walk us through your home and property
  • Share any other details that we may need to know
  • Receive a customized price quote based on your unique needs.

You Can Trust House TRAC*

What Is a Home Watch Service?

HOME WATCH (hohm woch) n. ~ A service that protects your home's value and longevity, providing peace of mind. Home Watch is known by many names: house watch, house check, home concierge, caretaker, absentee home service, property watch, and so on. Regardless of the name, a Home Watch service is a visual inspection of a home or property looking for obvious issues.