On every home watch visit, House TRAC* will check:

Windows, screens, doors, and gates for signs of damage, forced entry or vandalism.

Home, outbuildings and property for damage

       (weather-related, natural causes, vandalism)

Pool/spas for floating debris, equipment leaks, etc.

Lighting, electrical outlets, and breaker panel

Landscaping, lawns, irrigation systems

· Mailbox, door and entry

     (collect newspapers, trash and flyers )

· AND MORE. . . .


House TRAC* interior check includes:

  • Alarm system function
  • Unusual odors, noise or alarms
  • Cooling unit/thermostat settings
  • Check doors, window, ceilings and floors for any sign of leaks or insect damage
  • Check appliances (refrigerator, freezer, water heater, water treatment system, etc.)
  •  *Check for plumbing leaks 
  • *Flush toilets
  • *Run water in sinks, bath tubs, showers
  • Visual inspection of garage
  • Security lighting check, GFI's
  • Insect or animal intrusion
  • AND MORE. . .  *when applicable


 House TRAC* will contact you immediately in the event of an urgent situation. 

If other concerns are noted during our visit, you will receive an email within 24 hours of  visit and if you opt in, you will be able to view the report and any messages on the QRIDit Home Watch reporting system.

QRIDit System

 Unique Home Check Reporting System:

  • We use QRIDit systems to document inspections and report our findings to you. Our clients receive an email as soon as a report is posted. The email has a link to access a client page on the QRIDit site 24/7 to review, message or receive messages from House TRAC*.

Included Features

Included Features at no extra cost

Web-based homewatch reports using GPS, that are time stamped and customized for each client’s unique property and include photos and notes.

An email message lets clients know a report has been submitted with link to access the report and respond. 

Clients can access their reports 24/7 with QRIDit system

You Can Trust House TRAC*

House TRACS ~ Our Home Watch Service

HOME WATCH (hohm woch) n. ~ A service that protects your home's value and longevity, providing peace of mind. Home Watch is known by many names: house watch, house check, home concierge, caretaker, absentee home service, property watch, and so on. Regardless of the name, a Home Watch service is a visual inspection of a home or property looking for obvious issues.